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Do you need a lawyer for a car accident?

Bringing in a lawyer to help you handle a claim in the aftermath of a car accident can seem like a big step to take, and that can leave you wondering whether you even need one. As a practice that offers the services of a Corpus Christi car accident lawyer, it might be easy for us to say you always need a lawyer.

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Do you need a lawyer for a car accident?

Bringing in a lawyer to help you handle a claim in the aftermath of a car accident can seem like a big step to take, and that can leave you wondering whether you even need one. As a practice that offers the services of a Corpus Christi car accident lawyer, it might be easy for us to say you always need a lawyer. There are, however, a few aspects worth considering before you retain the support of an attorney.

Size of Settlement

The expected settlement size, especially if the responsible party’s insurance company is being cooperative, is a big factor in deciding whether you might need a lawyer. Attorneys typically expect a larger fee for smaller cases. While a lawyer might only take 20% of a multimillion dollar settlement, you’d likely see an attorney ask for closer to 50% of a settlement below $10,000.

Serious Concerns

Representation counts more when you’re worried about long-term issues. For example, if you’re concerned about needing medical care for the foreseeable future, you’ll more likely want to have counsel than if you’re just trying to recover the cost of losing a car. The same goes for an accident where you suffered serious pain and emotional trauma versus one you were able to walk away from with minimal harm.


The severity of an accident and the relative ease of reaching a settlement are the key factors in determining whether you might wish to hire an attorney. Most major practices do offer consultations, so it’s easy to get a sense of the challenges your case might present. If you’re looking for a Corpus Christi car accident lawyer, place a call to the J. Reyna Law Firm and ask what we think of your case.

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What should I do if I was a victim of a hit and run accident?

Even when all parties are cooperative, a car accident is a harrowing ordeal. In addition to the shock at the time of the accident, physical pain and injury can haunt victims for years afterward. If you are a pedestrian who was hit and run, you have rights to pursue justice.

Leaving the scene of an accident is a serious crime in the state of Texas. The operator of a motor vehicle must stop when their vehicle impacts another vehicle, damages someone’s property or injures someone. Failure to Stop & Give Information as well as Failure to Stop & Render Aid are both illegal. Penalties can include fines and loss of driving privileges in minor cases, and up to 20 years imprisonment in severe cases.

You should dismiss neither the immeasurable physical pain, emotional distress and mental anguish nor the measurable outcomes such as lost wages from a hit and run. A Corpus Christi Pedestrian Accident Lawyer can help you navigate the complicated process of pursuing justice and receiving appropriate compensation for your misfortune. This process can involve the driver’s motor vehicle insurance company, civil court and criminal court depending on the circumstances.

A Corpus Christi Pedestrian Accident Lawyer can consult with you about the circumstances of your hit and run accident, and help you understand the varying degrees of criminal offense involved your case. Time is of the essence. You need help to discover who was driving the vehicle at the time of your accident, prove this person was driving and hold this person accountable. If you have medical injuries from your hit and run accident, you will need guidance to litigate a personal injury claim. You have two years to do so according to the Texas Statute of Limitations.

Attorneys at the J. Reyna Law Firm have successfully represented countless accident victims who need help for their property damage, pain and suffering. We work with you to defend your rights and ease the suffering your accident caused. If you are looking for a Corpus Christi Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Corpus Christi, Texas, call the J. Reyna Law Firm today.

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Can People With Spinal Cord Injury Ever Fully Recover?

For victims of spinal cord injury, the path to recovery is narrow and often impassable. Some damage is simply too extensive to heal on its own and modern surgical techniques are only able to fix so much. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from this kind of malady feel the effects for many years or even for the rest of their life.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer for my Spinal Injury?

Inability to perform certain jobs, physical activities or even routine tasks are a common result of serious spinal injuries. That’s why it’s essential to hire an expert Corpus Christi spinal cord injury lawyer to represent your case if you sustain a permanent or long-term back injury. There is no substitute for an experienced legal professional when your livelihood is at stake.

Even a minor spinal cord injury can have a permanent debilitating effect on your body, making it difficult to do simple things like walking up stairs or lifting objects around the home. Needless to say, these injuries can also make it difficult to find a job. Many careers require at least some physical exertion, which may not be on the table after an accident that harms your spinal cord.

Moving Forward After Serious Spine Damage

To maximize your potential for recovery, you need a stress-free and stable environment so you can focus on getting better. This is where your Corpus Christi spinal cord injury lawyer comes in. By representing your case and helping you get the compensation you deserve, the attorney helps you clear your mind and focus on the all-important task of physical rehabilitation.

As experienced lawyers in the area, we are proud to represent the interests of our clients who have been injured due to accident or wrong-doing. We want to help you find your path forward by helping you recover from financial and personal losses sustained due to spine damage.

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Horrifying Texas State Student’s Death Puts Spotlight on Bus Safety

Popular Texas State student Jordin Taylor from Burleson was killed late last Friday evening when a shuttle bus dragged her more than 500 feet after she came out of a concert venue at Cool River Ranch.

Jordin was only 20 years old and a freshman at the university. It is believed that she was attending a frat party at the Cool River Ranch just before the accident happened.

It is not yet known how the accident happened. All that is known at this stage is that the young student’s body was found under the bus on Saturday morning. The bus had been left in the position it was found after apparently losing control of its air brakes the previous evening at about 11.15 p.m.

As can be expected, Jordin’s father is devastated and at this point only thinking about recovering the body of his daughter. The death comes after a previous unrelated tragedy that the family has already had to deal with, which was the death of Jordin’s mother due to a brain tumor less than 4 years ago.

Bus accidents have been in the news quite a lot in the last year in Texas and this is the second time this year when a bus has been involved in fatalities that may have been caused by either driver error or defective parts.

Earlier in the year in May, 8 bus passengers were killed and 44 were injured when a bus rolled over on a section of U.S. Highway 83, 140 miles south west of San Antonio. In this case, it appeared that the driver had lost control of the charter bus, which was destined for a casino in Eagle Pass, South Texas.

The accident took place in broad daylight, although it had been raining at the time. Weather, by itself, is rarely a reason for vehicle crashes as drivers are expected to slow down if the road appears to be wetter and therefore potentially more slippery than usual. According to state troopers, there were no other vehicles on the highway at that location at the time of the crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), investigates all crashes of this type, especially when major injuries and fatalities are involved. The Texas DOT also keeps statistics on all vehicle crashes and their causes across the U.S. Their data shows that the three main reasons for crashes on Texas highways are:

The accident in May was the worst to happen in terms of fatalities since January last year. In that month, a Department of Criminal Justice bus hit a piece of highway guard rail just west of Odessa. The bus toppled over the edge of the highway and fell on top of a freight train that was passing under the highway. Ten people were killed in the bus. Eight of them were inmates and two were Texas corrections officers. The investigation into the accident revealed that the bus had crashed because the guardrail had become displaced.

The worst bus accident in recent years was in 2008 when seventeen passengers died in a bus crash near Sherman. In that accident, the cause was identified by the NTSB as a retreaded tire puncture. The investigation revealed that the bus had not been authorized to leave the state (it was on its way to a religious meeting in Missouri).It had failed an inspection three months before the accident and the retreaded tire that was the immediate problem had been fixed in place on the front axle illegally. The bus company owner, who had been charged with making false statements, managed to avoid imprisonment after probation was arranged as part of a plea bargain.

There is a certain amount of false sense of security in traveling on a bus. In fact, some people deliberately leave their car behind when they travel long distances, as they feel that they can relax knowing that they don’t have to worry about accidents. Unfortunately, as can be seen by the accident reports in Texas, bus accidents are far too common. Innocent people have no control over the way the bus is driven or whether the bus is properly equipped for use and as a result are dying and suffering from serious injuries, some of which may be life changing.

Any serious injury that has been caused by someone else can become a very expensive experience. Hospital bills and lost income can be crippling for the injured person and their family. If you, or a member of your family, have been injured through no fault of your own, you may be able to claim compensation with the help of compassionate and successful personal injury attorney Juan Reyna “JR”at the J Reyna Law Firm based in San Antonio Texas.


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Human Error Behind 94% of Texas Vehicle Crashes

Texas has more than its fair share of car, truck and bus crashes and it appears that the main problem is the person behind the wheel. It’s not just other drivers and their passengers that are being killed and maimed on Texas roads but pedestrians innocently using city sidewalls, bicycle riders, skateboard riders, mobility scooter users and motorcyclists, all of whom are very vulnerable when negligent drivers veer out of control towards them.

Dallas attorneys have recently been reported using the term “The Three Deadly D’s” to describe some of the most common causes of Texas highway accidents. These are:

The attorneys have pointed out that 94% of traffic accidents that personal injury attorneys have to deal with in Texas are due to human error. However, despite the 3 D’s being very important, the Texas Department of Transport (TxDOT), which puts out annual statistics of vehicle crashes in the state, only agrees with one of these being the top three causes of accidents on the roads. That’s distracted driving which, according to 2015 statistics, accounted for the second highest number of vehicle crashes in Texas.

The biggest villain remains speeding. In 2014, there were over 125,000 crashes in Texas which were identified as having been caused by speeding. Over 10,000 of these resulted in either a fatality or an injury so serious that it left the victim incapacitated. The fact that speed controls, warnings, citations and arrests have failed to stem the rise in speeding related accidents is alarming, to say the least.

Of the accidents caused by distracted driving, the use of modern electronic devices, especially cell phones and appliances like them, has catapulted this problem into the limelight. Over 82,000 crashes occurred in 2014 due to distracted driving, according to the TxDOT. Most states across the country either ban the use of handheld devices while driving altogether or at least only permit hands free devices, but the laws are very hard to enforce. Unless a driver is seen clearly by a witness using a device when actually having an accident, there is often only circumstantial evidence in many cases of distracted driving.

The third main cause of vehicle accidents, at least according to the TxDOT, is a failure to maintain lane. This means that the driver has crossed over their lane either into the path of an oncoming vehicle or has swerved or crashed into the side of a vehicle they are overtaking. The 2014 data show that over 32,000 crashes were due to a driver failing to maintain their own lane.

There are other reasons why drivers make mistakes when driving and end up causing others to die or be seriously injured through no fault of their own. Back to the Three Deadly Ds! The other Ds that the attorneys in Dallas thought important were DUI (driving under the influence) and drowsiness. However, the DOT data shows that DUI is still well down the list and only caused around 5,000 crashes, a similar number to crashes caused by drivers who were too fatigued to drive, the other “D”, drowsiness.

Worse than drunken driving and drowsiness were failure to yield at an intersection, failure to stop at a stop sign or red light, an unsafe lane change and following too closely (sometimes called tail gating).

Whatever the cause, all of these factors are totally preventable. Drivers do not need to go too fast for the conditions, answer or use their cell phone while driving, follow another vehicle  too closely or drink and drive. They do not need to hurt other vehicle occupants, pedestrians, bicyclists or anybody else either.

When you are injured through no fault of your own, it’s not just the injuries that are hard to deal with. It’s unlikely that you ever expected to get hurt and it’s quite possible that you have insufficient insurance for a very serious injury. Hospital bills and the costs of medical treatment can soon get out of control, yet you need all that attention to recover. Lost wages or income of any sort can soon mean a deep hole in your bank account and you could even lose your job.

It’s not right for you to suffer because of driver error and outright negligence. You should contact Juan Reyna “JR” an experienced personal injury attorney at the J Reyna Law Firm in San Antonio if you were injured anywhere in Texas through no fault of your own. You need a compassionate and experienced personal injury attorney to help you recover compensation which you deserve and put your life back on track.